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About Prescriptor


Prescriptor as a multi-source EPS for medication monitoring

Prescriptor is an electronic prescription system (EPS) that was specially designed by Digitalis Rx for prescribers, from general practitioners to specialists. This EPS provides quick and easy access to an extensive knowledge base. Prescriptor distinguishes itself with a number of special features. It is integrated in the electronic health record, provides guidance for decisions, and - as multi-source EPS module - uses a multitude of information sources. In this way Prescriptor is an excellent tool for medication monitoring.

The knowledge is integrated in the prescriber's workflow. It is much more comfortable and efficient for the prescriber to consult these combined resources at the point of care, rather than as separate works of reference. The resources, including guidelines, formularies, medication databases, and the pharmacotherapeutic compass, which Prescriptor uses and combines are discussed in more detail elsewhere on this website.

Software products for medical purposes must be registered as a medical device and therefore have a socalled CE marking. A CE marking indicates that the product meets certain essential requirements. Since 1 January 2014, the Dutch Health Care Inspection (IGZ) will intervene when software manufacturers fail to abide by the law. Digitalis Rx can proudly announce that Prescriptor may wear the CE marking. It indicates that the supplier can proof that they perform an adequate risk management related to this product with good documentation and internal procedures. Of course, this should also be done in cooperation with hosting partners and XIS-suppliers that integrate Prescriptor. Moreover: the end user has also a statutory duty: they may exclusively use EPS that carry a CE marking.

Prescriptor has a valid CE certificate and Declaration of Conformity and thus meets the basic requirements, safety standards and guidelines in accordance with the directive: 93/42 / EEC medical devices. Under the current MDD, the CE marking must be in order, valid and updated. The transition to the new MDR has been initiated for Prescriptor.