Are you a doctor?

Prescriptor is an electronic prescription system (EPS) that was specially designed by Digitalis Rx for prescribers, from general practitioners to specialists.


Formulary managers

Do you want to give physicians access to your formulary?

Medication management is the key to an electronic prescription system.


Healthcare groups

Does your healthcare group wish to implement therapy agreements?

Efficient prescribing and best practice therapy policy are of the utmost importance for healthcare groups.


FTO managers

Do you want to implement FTO therapy agreements within your health care association?

Aside from being a reference work based on national guidelines, Prescriptor offers guidance for electronic prescriptions.


Healthcare facility

Mandatory electronic prescriptions?

Prescriptor's top priority is to support the primary concern of prescribers: the care for a patient!


Healthcare IT

Are you a healthcare IT provider?

As an electronic prescription module, Prescriptor is designed to be linked to systems that create patient files


Health insurer

Are you a representative of a health insurance company?

Health insurers are always looking for quality that is efficient in clinical practice.


Patient organisation

Are you a representative of a patient association or government?

Well-informed physicians can no longer rely solely on their own knowledge and experience when making pharmacotherapeutic decisions.