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Medication safety


Intelligent linking within the medication chain

Electronic prescriptions have become an accepted procedure during the past 30 years. Medication safety and medication monitoring have become increasingly important, in addition to rational and effective pharmacotherapy. Polypharmacy, special guidelines and treatment choices for the elderly, and avoidable hospitalisation following incorrect medication usage are no longer non-committal issues. This requires risk management and specific support on the work floor, for which IT support is crucial.

Quality and safety

Risk management as a process is sometimes compared to Swiss cheese: there are holes in every phase of the system, but nothing can slip through due to clever combinations of barriers. Mistakes are created by systematic weaknesses in the chain of care, rather than individual responsibilities.
Risk management of medication prescription requires very high standards in electronic processing and medication delivery within the chain of care. The challenge is to improve both the quality and safety within pharmacotherapy at the same time, and not only to send a digital prescription to the pharmacy computer.
Prescriptor, as a prescription module, is an important link in this chain of linked systems.


It supports a rational and problem-based application of pharmacotherapeutic guidelines and maintains a dynamic link with electronic medical files. This link enables medication safety monitoring with regard to interactions, contraindications, double medication and allergies. It is prospective in order for individual characteristics of patients to be incorporated into the guidelines.