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Health insurer


Are you a representative of a health insurance company?

Health insurers are always looking for quality that is efficient in clinical practice. Healthcare providers who are willing to apply guidelines and to collaborate intensively within the chain of care, who want to invest in good healthcare and to make improved health outcomes more transparent, are preferred.

Not only does the electronic prescription module Prescriptor fit excellently in this ideal, it is also system-independent. The prescription module integrates and implements non-medicinal and pharmacotherapeutic recommendations in the prescriber's clinical system. Sources: a broad spectrum of knowledge sources, including the NHG guidelines, Nijmeegs Formularium, ETAS, pharmacotherapeutic compass and the paediatric formulary.

Best practice

Prescriptor also provides a complement to regular electronic prescription. A healthcare or FTO group can take knowledge management into their own hands using the so-called wizard and seek alliance with other healthcare chains or local groups. This allows for local agreements, therapy options and cost-efficient regional and/or local preferences to be included in the system. These groups are offered the possibility to make the guidelines even more effective and interdisciplinary.

An example of a successful implementation is the FTO group Asten, where pharmacists and general practitioners have used this method for over 10 years, which has gained them the qualifications of 'best practice'.