About Prescriptor

Prescriptor as a multi-source EPS for medication monitoring

Prescriptor is an electronic prescription system (EPS) that was specially designed by Digitalis Rx for prescribers, from general practitioners to specialists. This EPS provides quick and easy access to an extensive knowledge base. Prescriptor distinguishes itself with a number of special features. It is integrated in the electronic health record, provides guidance for decisions, and - as multi-source EPS module - uses a multitude of information sources.




The medication database of the Netherlands

The G-Standaard is a database that holds information on all registered medication in the Netherlands. The database is maintained by the association of pharmacists (KNMP). This information contains details on identification, composition, dosage, allergies, contraindications and drug interactions of medications.

Prescriptor integrates this information in the prescription process to create an effective prescription for the purpose of the digital communication and univocal transfer in the chain of care.


Classification of care

Problem as starting point for therapy choice

Prescriptor is fully integrated in the physician's clinical practice system, the starting point being the patient, rather than the prescription. The patient's problem or disorder is coded and recorded in the EHR (electronic health record). When a physician decides to prescribe a treatment, Prescriptor shows medicinal and non-medicinal treatment options that based - among others - on the health-care classification code.



Guidelines, standards, patient letters and patient graphics

The NHG-ConsultWijzer is a publication of the Dutch association for general practitioners. It contains the NHG standards, NHG Formulary, NHG pharmacotherapeutic guidelines and NHG patient letters. These sources are shown in Prescriptor by disorder.



Formulary books are becoming antiques!

A formulary is a concise summary of medication guidelines regarding an illness or indication, agreed upon by health care professionals within a region. The formulary serves to guide the general practitioner or other health care staff when prescribing medication for a certain indication. Treatment options are listed by symptom, complaint or illness, and are divided into treatment steps and/or therapy options.


Pharmacotherapeutic Compass

Quicker access to information about medication

The pharmacotherapeutic compass is published by the Dutch Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland). Traditionally, the compass is one of the most frequently used works of references for health care professionals with regard to treatment guidance, dosage, warnings, side effects and reimbursement for medications.


Paediatric formulary

Paediatric formulary as a source for off-label prescriptions

The paediatric formulary is a knowledge base that was developed by the Nederlands Kenniscentrum Farmacotherapie bij Kinderen (NKFK). The formulary has been acknowledge as a guideline by the Dutch association for paediatric medicine (NVK), the Dutch association for hospital pharmacists (NVZA) and KNMP. The guidelines are maintained on



Compiling and implementing FTO agreements

A Formulary-Wizard was developed for Prescriptor to aid health care professionals in compiling and implementing agreements made during a pharmacotherapeutic (transmural) review (FT(T)O). The Wizard fills the needs of local groups, such as FT(T)O, health care associations and general practices. These groups often want to include national and regional formularies in their own practices. Web-based management of and access to FT(T)O agreements is possible through an internet connection between their Wizard and the website.