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Paediatric formulary


Paediatric formulary as a source for off-label prescriptions

The paediatric formulary is a knowledge base that was developed by the Nederlands Kenniscentrum Farmacotherapie bij Kinderen (NKFK). The formulary has been acknowledge as a guideline by the Dutch association for paediatric medicine (NVK), the Dutch association for hospital pharmacists (NVZA) and KNMP. The guidelines are maintained on

Prescriptor shows a link to the paediatric formulary for all patients up to 18 years of age. An icon of the paediatric formulary appears automatically if a medication is suggested in these cases. The relevant information can be accessed on the website of the paediatric formulary through a mouse click.

Medication legislation

The link between Prescriptor and the paediatric formulary meets the need created by Article 68 in the Dutch Medication Act. Off-label prescriptions are only allowed if protocols or standards have been developed within the relevant professional group. Consultation between attending physician and pharmacist is necessary if protocols and standards are still under development. Consultation between attending physician and pharmacist are no longer necessary in the case off-label prescription and delivery of medications to children if the guidelines from the paediatric formulary are followed.