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Healthcare groups


Does your healthcare group wish to implement therapy agreements?

Efficient prescribing and best practice therapy policy are of the utmost importance for healthcare groups. The combination of EPS Prescriptor and your own formulary with recorded agreements offer many advantages. For example increasing quality by using the indicators of the Healthcare Inspectorate or the added value of reducing medication costs. And: prescribing convenience.

Putting therapy policy directly into practice

Medication management is an important instrument at the implementation of agreements and the formulation of therapy policy. Formularies are an indispensable link in the clinical process with all its national, regional and local implications. Formularies are usually presented by way of booklets, reference books and websites. Prescriptor is the only tool that offers the possibility to put therapy policy directly into practice. The available formularies are integrated in the General Practice Information Systems and therefore in the daily routine of the GP or specialist. With Prescriptor the choices made in the formularies are linked directly to the patient.

Local + regional + transmural

There are several formularies available through Prescriptor: national (NHG-EVS, ETAS) and regional (Formulary of Nijmegen). They differ mostly in the make-up of the healthcare group or FTO (pharmaceutical therapeutic consultation or PTC). Besides GP’s specialists, hospital pharmacists and/or general pharmacists can be involved. Agreements between GP’s and hospitals can be of great influence. The local dynamic will probably occur at a selected amount of indicators within a FTO/PTC. That’s why the combination of national and/or regional pharmaceutical advices and local agreements within an EPS is essential.


Besides a reference database with national guidelines Presciptor offers supplementary possibility while supporting electronic prescription. A healthcare group can manage their knowledge with help of the so called Wizard and link with healthcare chains and local consultation. An efficient therapy policy based on internal agreements, therapy choices and cost effective regional and/or local preferences can be secured in your own formulary with guidelines and regulations. Involved prescribers can access with a special licence key through Prescriptor their own - with the Wizard formulated – agreements.

Best practice

The advantage of working with your own formulary is that agreements will show automatically ‘desktop’ and because of that a follow up on the agreement will be easier. Your healthcare group can set up and implement guidelines more effective and interdisciplinary. An example of a successful formulary was compiled by the FTO-group Asten. The involved pharmacist and GP’s practice this procedure for more than ten years and acquired the qualification of best practice.