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Compiling and implementing FTO agreements

A Formulary-Wizard was developed for Prescriptor to aid health care professionals in compiling and implementing agreements made during a pharmacotherapeutic (transmural) review (FT(T)O). The Wizard fills the needs of local groups, such as FT(T)O, health care associations and general practices. These groups often want to include national and regional formularies in their own practices. Web-based management of and access to FT(T)O agreements is possible through an internet connection between their Wizard and the website.

The FT(T)O group's EPS is managed centrally. Participating physicians can implement prescription protocols directly in their practices through the FTO web service in Prescriptor. Prescriptor users have direct access to their FTO agreements via the prescription module in their HIS. An additional license and internet access are required to use the FTO web service.