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FTO managers


Do you want to implement FTO therapy agreements within your health care association?

Aside from being a reference work based on national guidelines, Prescriptor offers guidance for electronic prescriptions. A healthcare or FTO group can take knowledge management into their own hands using the so-called Wizard and seek alliance with other healthcare chains or local groups. This makes it possible to include local agreements, therapy options and potential cost-efficient regional and/or local preferences into the system. Agreements that have been included through the Wizard can be unlocked with a special licence key by the prescribers involved.

Beste practice

The advantage is that agreements in the clinical practice automatically appear on the 'desktop', which promotes compliance. Your health care or FTO group will have the opportunity to make the guidelines even more effective and interdisciplinary. An example of a successful implementation is the FTO group Asten, where pharmacists and general practitioners have used this method for over 10 years, which has gained them the qualification of 'best practice'.

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