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As an electronic prescription module, Prescriptor is designed to be linked to systems that create patient files - the so-called EHRs within an XIS. It is not designed as a stand-alone EPS module. Prescriptor distinguishes itself as an EPS with a number of special features. It is integrated in the EHR (but does not create any medication records!), provides guidance for decisions and as multi-source EPS module provides a multitude of information sources.

In de workflow

Regular systems that create patient files generally have a simple prescription entry module. However, they often lack functionality and are not sufficiently focussed on the clinical prescription process from the patient health record. Prescriptor takes it a step further. By collaborating with an XIS provider, Prescriptor is integrated seamlessly into the healthcare provider's workflow. Anonymised patient data are exchanged between XIS and Prescriptor in real time. Prescriptor is a web-based service and reports guidelines, including a step-by-step plan and optional ready-made prescriptions, to the healthcare provider's XIS. The prescriber is directed to possible complications based on available patient characteristics (interactions, contraindications etc.) during the decision-making process. These details are eventually registered in the patient's medical record within XIS.

Integrating medication databases

Prescriptor has hereby set a new EPS standard. The healthcare provider retains the initiative and all file-creating and confidential information remain within XIS itself. The web-based service behind Prescriptor only offers the prescriber the result of a clinical decision process and does not retain any information. The combination of XIS, EHR and EPS is upgraded by Prescriptor, without the need for major changes in the structure of patient files or lines of communication. Prescriptor also provides an integration of many knowledge sources for the prescription process, e.g. medication databases (G-Standaard by Z-index, NHG-consultwijzer, authorised formularies, compass, paediatric formulary).

Prescriptor can easily merge with existing EPSs that focus more on the composition of a prescription. A prescription entry module can also be included in Prescriptor (including integration with G-Standaard by Z-Index), if this module is not provided in the healthcare IT system. In this way, a 'classical' prescription can also be incorporated in the medication file.

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